Asia Region Funds Passport

Overseas entities may be able to extend offers into NZ

An overseas entity from a country that’s a participant in the Asia Region Funds Passport regime may be able to extend an offer into NZ. The offeror must first be approved as a foreign passport fund by the Financial Markets Authority, and must be registered as a financial service provider in New Zealand.

Seeking approval to become a foreign passport fund

If you want to register an offer in New Zealand under the Funds Passport regime you must be approved by the Financial Markets Authority.

You will also need to be registered as a Financial Service Provider and have the financial service ‘Participating in an FMC offer as an issuer or offeror of financial products’.

Preparing to register a financial service provider

Registering an overseas offer

Make sure you sure have all the information and documents you'll need to complete your online application.

Keeping foreign passport fund offers up to date

If you made an offer under the Asia Region Funds Passport regulations you'll need to meet certain compliance obligations, and keep your offer details up to date.

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