Overseas issuers

An overseas entity may be able to extend an offer into NZ under a recognition scheme or under an exemption from the FMA. Associated reporting and filing obligations must be met.

Asia Region Funds Passport 

Find information about making offers under the Asia Region Funds Passport Regulations.

Overseas offers registration process 

Find out what information and documents you need to provide when registering an overseas offer.

Overseas offers fees 

Some online transactions, such as registering an overseas offer, have a fee attached.

Keeping overseas offer details up to date 

Find out how to update overseas offer details and documents.

Uploading overseas offer documents 

Read our guidelines for preparing and uploading documents on the register.

Changing the details of an Australian offer or offeror 

How and when to notify us of changes to an Australian offer or offeror.

Filing overseas offeror financial statements 

Find out when you need to file financial statements for an overseas offer.

Forms for overseas issuers 

Use these forms to give notice or record a new overseas issuer.

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