Other managed investment scheme (MIS) offers

A managed investment scheme is an investment that pools money from many investors. Associated reporting and filing obligations must be met.

Other MIS offers registration process 

Find out what information and documents you need to provide when registering an offer.

Other MIS offers fees 

Some online transactions, such as registering an offer, have a fee attached.

Keeping other MIS offer details up to date 

Find out how to update offer details and documents.

Uploading other MIS offer documents 

Read our guidelines for preparing and uploading documents, including PDS.

Filing annual confirmation notices 

Find out when you need to file an annual confirmation notice for an offer.

Filing manager financial statements 

Find out how and when to file financial statements for an offer.

Withdrawing or finalising offers 

Find out how to withdraw an offer before it opens, or finalise an offer that's no longer active.

Other MIS legislative reference guides 

These guides relate to sections of your online application to register an offer.

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