Other MIS offers fees

Online transactions for which you'll need to pay a fee

Registration fees, and levies paid to the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) are charged for each Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) within an offer.

Fees that apply to other managed investment scheme offers

All fees are in New Zealand dollars (NZD).

The fees shown below are effective from 1 July 2022.

Service Companies Office fee
excl GST
FMA levy excl GST Total excl GST Total
incl GST

Register an offer
(for each PDS within the offer)


  • the offer has 1 PDS = $8,105
  • the offer has 3 PDS = $24,315
$2,347.83 $4,700 $7,047.83 $8,105

Add a new PDS to an existing offer
(for each new PDS within the offer)


  • 1 new PDS has been added = $8,105
  • 3 PDS have been added = $24,315
$2,347.83 $4,700 $7,047.83 $8,105

File an annual confirmation notice
(for each PDS open for applications on confirmation date within the offer)


  • the offer has 1 PDS = $2,700
  • the offer has 3 PDS = $8,100
$2,347.83 N/A $2,347.83 $2,700

File issuer financial statements
(per set of statements)

$175 $80 $255 $293.25

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