Personalised dashboard

View all your offers and schemes on a single screen

When you log in to the Disclose Register, you're automatically taken to your organisation's dashboard. The dashboard allows you to keep track of offer and scheme registrations made by your organisation, along with any tasks in-progress, and compliance reminders that might be due.


The Portfolio screen shows all offers and schemes that your organisation has authority over in a single view. You can select any of the offers or schemes to view and maintain them.

In progress

The In progress screen shows any tasks that are in progress, such as offer or scheme registrations that you're working on, have sent to us for acceptance, or revisions we've requested.

If a task is hyperlinked, you can select the task and view or make any changes to the task.

If we return a task for revision, make sure you amend that task and resubmit it — that is, don't start a brand new task.

My recently finished business

The My recently finished screen shows tasks that have recently been completed, for example, an offer or scheme registration that has been recently accepted by us.

Compliance reminders

On this screen you'll find a list of compliance events and when they're due for your offers or schemes, along with hyperlinks to the task. We'll also email you when these are due.

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You don't need to log in to search the Disclose Register.

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To register and maintain offers and schemes on the Disclose Register your organisation must have an online services account. You can control who has authority to access and use the account on your behalf.