Keeping overseas offer details up to date

Issuers are responsible for keeping offer details up to date

Most details relating to an offer can be updated on the Disclose Register. Any changes to participants should be made on either the list of overseas issuers or the Overseas Register (and changes will then be updated on Disclose). When and where provide financial statements are provided also varies.

Who can update offer details

To update offer details you must:

  • have a RealMe® login
  • be a registered user of your organisation's online services account
  • have authority to act.

Update offer details

To update offer details, log in to your organisation's online services account and follow these steps.

  1. Search for the offer you want to update.
  2. Select Maintain offer from the Offer maintenance services drop-down menu.
  3. Make the required changes. You can, for example:
    • open or close your offer
    • add or remove participants to your offer
    • change the name of your offer
    • upload new documents and archive existing ones.

If you're an Australian offeror making an offer under the recognition scheme, you need to notify us of some changes within a particular timeframe, using particular forms to do so.

Updating participant details

You can't update participant details such as a name or an address for service on the Disclose Register. These changes need to be made to the participant record on either:

  • the list of overseas issuers, or
  • the Overseas Register

Changes will then be updated on the Disclose Register.

Email us if your changes relate to an overseas issuer.


If your changes relate to a company on the Overseas Register, you'll need to make those changes on that register.

Filing financial statements

When and how you provide financial statements can vary.

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