Filing additional NBDT financial information

Provide Non-Bank Deposit Taker information within 20 days of the end of a quarter

If you're licensed as a Non-Bank Deposit Taker (NBDT) and have a registered debt offer, you'll need to provide additional NBDT financial information to us at the end of your most recently completed quarter. We'll email you when these are due.

Once you provide the NDBT document to us you should receive a decision within 3 working days. When it’s accepted, we'll advise the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).

Who can file NBDT information

To file NBDT financial information you must:

  • have a RealMe login
  • be a registered user of your organisation's online services account
  • have authority to act

We may need more information

If we're unable to accept the additional NBDT financial information, for example, an incorrect document has been uploaded or a document is not legible, we'll email you.

The In progress section of your Dashboard will show the status of your NBDT financial information as Revise.

We may not accept for some reason

Make sure you double-check all your information. If your additional NBDT financial information is rejected, you'll need to complete new additional NBDT financial information.

Filing additional NBDT information on time

You have 20 days to provide NBDT to us from the end of a quarter.

If the additional NBDT financial information isn't provided on time, we'll advise FMA that it's overdue.

We can't waive breaches or grant extensions in filing time. If you want to discuss late or overdue filing contact the FMA.

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