Participant details — Other MIS offers

Participants are added when registering the underlying scheme

The scheme manager's details will be displayed in your offer as soon as you select the underlying scheme in the registration process. The information you need to provide for each participant varies.

Check participants are on a register or directory first

You'll need to provide the names of all relevant participants, or the number that's been allocated to them on the relevant Companies Office register or directory.

Most participants will be found on a Companies Office register and if not, will need to be recorded on the Other Participants directory.

This means your application to register a scheme offer automatically updates certain participant details which are held in the following places:

Companies registered in NZ Companies Register
Other entity registered in NZ, eg, credit union, overseas issuer, limited partnership Companies Office
Individuals, boards of trustees, partnerships and other participants Other Participants directory
Financial service providers Financial Service Providers Register

Participant details you need to provide

The details you need to provide for each participant varies.

Offeror details

An offer can have more than 1 offeror. If the offeror isn't the scheme manager, you'll need to provide the following information.

  • Offeror's name and number.
  • Offeror's Financial Service Provider (FSP) number if required — ensuring the offeror is registered for "Participating in an FMC offer as an issuer or offeror of financial products".
  • Offeror's email address. If you're a third party acting on behalf of the issuer, this must be the offeror's email address, not yours.

Adding a participant to the Other Participants directory

The Other Participants directory lists individuals, boards of trustees, partnerships and other participants that don't exist on another Companies Office register.

If you've searched the Other Participants directory and can't find your participant listed, you'll need to add them.

Search the Other Participants directory

Who can add a participant to the directory

To add a participant to the directory you must:

  • have a RealMe® login
  • be a registered user of the organisation's online services account
  • have authority to act.

Add a participant to the directory

To add a participant to the directory, log in to your organisation's online services account and follow these steps.

  1. Select the Other participants tab.
  2. From the drop-down menu select Record other participant.
  3. Select the type of participant you want to record.
  4. Complete the relevant fields and select apply.

The participant is now recorded on the Other Participants directory and you'll see them listed in the Portfolio section of your Dashboard.

You can now add the participant to a scheme, maintain their details and provide financial statements if required.

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