The acceptance process — Managed fund offers

What happens after you submit your application for registration

You need to send us your correctly completed application by 3pm NZT (working days) for same-day registration. Once your application is accepted, we'll email you a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) lodgement certificate and advise the Financial Markets Authority. If you're a third party acting on behalf of the manager, we'll also email the manager.

We may need more information

If we're unable to accept your application, for example, a document uploaded is illegible or page numbers are inconsistent, we'll email you.

The In progress section of your Dashboard will show the status of your application as Revise.

You'll have 5 working days to make any corrections and return the application to us. Your offer will be registered on the date your revised application is accepted, not the original date you sent it.

We may not accept for some reason

Make sure you double-check all your information. Your offer can be rejected, which means completing a new application and paying the registration fee again.

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