Uploading managed investment scheme documents

Follow this guide when preparing your scheme documents

All documents appearing on the Disclose Register need to be accepted by us. We may accept, request more information or reject the document so it's important you follow this guide.

Who can upload scheme documents

To upload scheme documents you must:

  • have a RealMe® login
  • be a registered user of your organisation's online services account
  • have authority to act.

Before you send us your documents

Review your documents before providing them to us and make sure:

  • your document pages are legible and page numbers are consistent
  • you're only including the information that's required.

The file name you give to a document will be displayed on the register so consider document file names in the context of an investor. The name should ideally reflect the type of document it is, and the provider and offer it is associated with, and be easy to understand.

All documents appearing on the Disclose Register must first be accepted by us. We aim to process all updates the day they are submitted, however this might not always be possible and may take up to 3 working days.

Once your documents have been accepted, they're publicly available on the Disclose Register. 

Document format requirements

  • The maximum file size for all documents is 20MB per document.
  • Where possible, make sure documents are word searchable.
  • Make sure you upload final versions, not drafts, of your documents.
  • If you've submitted a maintenance task that requires our acceptance, wait for our acceptance before completing another maintenance task. You can make multiple changes in 1 maintenance task.

The Financial Markets Conduct Regulations 2014 specify page and word limits, and formats for some documents.

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