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Other managed investment scheme offers

A managed investment scheme is an investment that pools money from many investors. (You need to register a managed investment scheme on the Disclose Register before you can make an offer under that scheme).

Note | Some participants to an offer will need to be registered as a Financial Service Provider and/or licensed to provide a specific financial service. Please don’t delay FSP registration or licensing applications.

Before registering

There are some things you’ll need to organise before registering your other managed investment scheme offer on the Disclose Register.

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How to register offers

All other managed investment scheme offers under the FMC Act must be registered online, using the Disclose Register. This can be done either by the manager or by a third party acting on their behalf.

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Ongoing compliance

The manager is responsible for keeping information relating to an offer on the Disclose Register up to date.

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A summary of fees payable for other managed investment scheme offers.

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Key legislative references guide

Find out more about the other managed investment scheme offers key legislative references guide.

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