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Ongoing compliance

The manager is responsible for keeping information relating to their managed investment scheme up to date on the Disclose Register. Each year, a scheme’s annual report and financial statements must also be registered on the Disclose Register; the Registrar will send reminders when these are due.

Note | The scheme may have other compliance obligations. If you’re unsure what these are, please check with your legal adviser or visit FMA’s website.


Keeping scheme details updated

Most scheme details can be updated on the Disclose Register. To do so, you need to be logged into the Disclose Register and have authority from the manager.

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Updating documents

If a document is being uploaded to the Disclose Register, it needs to be accepted by the Registrar.

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Scheme annual report

Managers are required to register an annual report for their managed investment scheme on the Disclose Register.

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Scheme financial statements

As an issuer of a regulated product, you’re required to register the scheme's audited financial statements within four months of the scheme’s financial reporting balance date.

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Cancellation of a scheme by the Financial Markets Authority

In certain circumstances, the Financial Markets Authority may cancel a scheme registration. You’ll receive email notification if this happens.

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