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What is the Disclose Register?


One place for offers and schemes

The Disclose Register contains the registers of offers of financial products (split into debt and equity securities, derivatives and managed investment products) and managed investment schemes (split into managed funds and other managed investment schemes).

The Disclose Register provides an online tool for issuers and managers to register and manage information about their offers and schemes, and fulfil many of their compliance obligations.

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Search the Disclose Register

Work on a consumer-facing website for retail investors is underway and is expected to launch in 2017. The website will provide a user friendly way to search for, and compare, schemes and offers.


Registers replaced by the Disclose Register

The following registers currently administered by the Companies Office and the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) have been replaced by the Disclose Register.

Companies Office registers

  • Superannuation and KiwiSaver schemes.
  • Unit trusts.


FMA registers

  • KiwiSaver.
  • Superannuation schemes.


The Companies Office and the Registrar of Financial Service Providers

The Companies Office and the Registrar of Financial Service Providers (the Registrar) are the administrators of the Disclose Register. The Registrar is responsible for the registration of managed investment schemes and offers of financial products, and for the administration of the Disclose Register.


Financial Markets Authority is the regulator

FMA is the licensing agency, regulator and enforcer of the FMC Act. It can take action against an issuer if it has concerns about an offer or scheme. Visit the FMA website for more information on the FMA’s role.


Last updated 1 December 2016